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The Tonkinese was originally produced by crossing the Burmese and Siamese breeds. The first purposeful Burmese-Siamese crosses leading to the modern Tonkinese breed were bred in Canada in the mid-1960s.

This playful, people- oriented breed has a moderate body and a sleek, soft coat, and features a unique pattern known as "mink": it is pointed like the Siamese, but the body is colored in a shade harmonizing with the point color, and the eyes are aqua in shade.

"Tonks" are available in a range of colors intermediate between their Burmese and Siamese parent breeds. Pet Tonkinese are also available in solid (like the Burmese) and dark colorpoints (like the Siamese). In some associations, non-mink colors are also accepted for championship competition. The coat tends to darken with age.

It also blends many of the best qualities of the parent breeds: affectionate, intelligent, people-loving, and playful, though somewhat less vocal than the Siamese.

Tonkinese Tonkinese Tonkinese

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