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The origins of the Singapura breed are somewhat controversial, but the breed's charm and later acceptance is not. It was accepted for championship status in CFA in 1988 -- the same year the first Singapuras were imported into the UK from the United States. The breed has remained rare.

The Singapura is a shorthaired cat distinguished by its large eyes and its warm beige, brown-ticked coat. The coat color is called either sepia agouti or brown ticked agouti; despite the different names, it is the same color and the only color in which Singapuras are found.

They have soft, gentle voices and enjoy being near their favorite people. They are mischievous, good-natured, gentle and outgoing.

Singapura cats are the smallest of all the recognized cat breeds. Females can be as small as four pounds in adulthood, males run about six pounds. Although small, they are muscular cats, almost stocky in build. They are not delicate or "miniature" cats.

Singapura Singapura Singapura Singapura Singapura

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