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The Traditional Siamese, also called the Applehead or Classic Siamese, has a rounder, more moderate body and head type than today's competitive show style Siamese. It is a talkative, affectionate cat, and appears in the traditional seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac point colors, as well as the colors associated by other registries with the Colorpoint Shorthair, such as red, cream, tortie, bluecream, and lynx points.

Like the contemporary style Siamese, they are vocal, intelligent, and more than occasionally demanding companions. Their history is similar to that of the Siamese breed, but the type was the result of efforts by a group of breeders to preserve what they felt was amore traditional style.

Indeed, old photographs of Siamese cats bear resemblances to both styles, lending credence to the idea that pregenitors of both body types existed.

The traditional Siamese type lost favor in the 1960s through the 1980s, but by the late 1980s, groups of breeders interested in promoting this type began organizing and promoting this style of Siamese.

Interesting breed fact: While very popular as a pet, the Traditional Siamese is not considered a separate breed by most breed registries. Normally, these cats are registered simply as Siamese. Although registered as Siamese, the traditional/applehead style is not competitive in the show ring. Potential owners wishing for a cat to show competitively should visit the Siamese breeders' page instead. Another possible show alternative is the Tonkinese, which has a similar body type to the Traditional Siamese.

The Siamese is one of the oldest recognized and established breeds of cat. The breed is from Thailand (originally known as Siam) and was first imported to Great Britain in the mid-1880s. The first known Siamese cat was imported from Bangkok as a gift from the consul of Siam to the wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes and lived in the White House. They were an immediate success, and appeared in the earliest cat shows in both countries.

The Siamese is distinguished by its brilliant blue eyes and its colored "points" (ears, face, tail and feet) which provide a striking contrast to its light-colored body. The show-quality Siamese display a very long, slender body type, and a long, wedge-shaped head with huge ears.

Some breeders work with a more moderate, rounded type of Siamese, called either the Traditional or Applehead Siamese. Those who are looking for this rounded Siamese type are encouraged to view the list of Traditional Siamese breeders.

It is vocal, lively, and affectionate. The breed can be very demanding and should not be left alone for long periods of time. Daily play and interaction are critical to a Siamese's emotional and mental well-being. Active feline companionship will help keep a lonely Siamese happy, but there is no substitute for human interaction as well. This breed is not for those looking for a quiet companion -- Siamese are intelligent and if you don't give them something to do, they will find something to do instead!

Siamese were originally recognized in the solid seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac point colors. In some associations, additional colors and patterns are accepted as part of the Siamese breed, particularly outside the US and Canada, while other associations call these Colorpoint Shorthair. Those who are looking for point colors other than these traditional four are encouraged to visit the list of Colorpoint Shorthair breeders.

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