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The Persian, probably the most well-known and easily recognized cat breed, is available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Persians with the colorpoint ("Siamese") pattern are usually called Himalayans. Individuals looking for this pattern are encouraged to consult the Himalayan breeders' list as well. In GCCF, the Persian is known as the Longhair, and the Himalayan is known as the Colorpoint Longhair. The British standard calls for a more moderate face type than the typical American-style Persian.

Solid chocolate and solid lavender Persians are known the Kashmir in CFF. It is still called by this breed name in some older cat breed books. CFF also makes a distinction between the Persian and the Pekefaced Persian. A Pekefaced Persian is a Persian with an extreme flat face, like that of a Pekingese dog. Some breeders describe their Persians as doll-faced, which means that they have a more moderate face type than the flatter-faced show-type Persian.

Persians are one of the oldest established breeds, with documentation in their native land dating back to the early 1500s. Early examples of the breed were among participants in 1871 in England and were among the first cats registered with CFA when that association began in 1909.

The Persian is a docile, gentle, affectionate cat. Although placid, they are playful in their own way.

Their long hair mats easily. Extensive daily grooming is required, at least 10-15 minutes per day, with a thorough one-hour grooming session weekly to keep the coat in good condition.

Interesting fact: The Persian is the most popular breed of cat, and perhaps the most recognizeable. Although many people cannot name more than a few cat breeds, almost all of them will be able to name the Persian. There are so many Persians in the show hall that in many associations, color classes (solid, tabby, silver, etc) are treated as separate breeds for judging. Annual registrations of Persian kittens of a single color often outnumber the kitten registrations of entire breeds.

Persian red Persian chinchilla Persian white Persian chocolad Persian chocolad point Persian cream Persian golden Persian lilac Persian red Persian tutrtle Persian red Persian red Persian black Persian black

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