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The Munchkin is short- legged (like the Dachshund dog), the result of a natural mutation.

It is one of the newest breeds of cat, although short-legged cats have appeared throughout the 20th century in veterinary literature. Modern Munchkins can trace their ancestry to a black short-legged cat named Blackberry, found living under a pickup truck in Louisiana in 1983. Munchkins were first exhibited in 1991 and was accepted for NBC (new breed or color) status in 1995. It is still considered experimental and is not widely recognized.

To date, Munchkins have not exhibited back or spinal problems sometimes seen in their canine lookalikes, the Dachshund.

Munchkins are sociable and affectionate cats. Despite the short legs, Munchkins can run, climb, and jump -- though not as high as their long-legged cousins. Their movements are described as being similar to that of ferrets. They are available in a variety of colors and in both long and short hair.

Munchkin Munchkin Munchkin Munchkin Munchkin

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