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The Javanese is similar to the Balinese, but it appears in the lynx (tabby) point and tortie point patterns, as well as additional point colors such as red and cream. In most associations, these cats are part of the Balinese breed, rather than a separate breed. In 1979, CFA recognized the Javanese as a breed separate from the Balinese.

In Europe, Oriental Longhairs are called Javanese, so searchers from Europe may wish to look at this breeder list as well.

This breed is very active, curious, and "busy". They love to get involved with whatever their "people" are doing. Like their parent breed, the Siamese, the Javanese is talkative and almost impossibly acrobatic. The only hole a Javanese cannot climb into is one that isn't big enough for him or her to squeeze the skull through.

Javanese Javanese Javanese Javanese

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