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The Chartreux is an old natural breed which originated in France, said to have been raised as a companion by the Carthusian monks. Cats similar in type to the modern Chartreux were described in France as early as the 1700s.

The first cat to be shown under the breed name Chartreux appeared at a European cat show in 1931. They first arrived in the United States in 1970, and gained championship status in CFA in 1987.

Known for its woolly blue coat, brilliant orange eyes, and smiling expression, it is a sturdy, sweet-tempered cat. Chartreux do not require daily grooming, though regular combing during shedding seasons is recommended. Chartreux breeders strongly discourage brushing because a brush pulls out the undercoat and leaves a very ugly, spiky-looking coat with only guard hair left. Moreover, a brush just is not nearly as effective a tool as a comb for removing the huge volume of loose, woolly hairs on this breed.

Chartreux are very quiet; in fact, some do not meow at all. They are attentive, gentle, and adaptable cats who enjoy being nearby their favorite people.

Interesting breed fact: Chartreux breeders generally follow the French tradition of naming all their kittens born in a particular year starting with a particular letter of the alphabet. Chartreux breeders omit the letters K, Q, W, X, Y, and Z. Chartreux born in the year 2002 will mostly have names beginning with T, 2003 U, and 2004 V; in 2005 the names will skip to the letter A.

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