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The American Bobtail is a naturally occurring short-tailed cat, brawny, of medium to large size, with a shaggy, semi-longhair coat.

It should be well-fleshed and muscular, without being overly fat. The tail is short, reaching halfway to the hock, and should stand erect when the cat is alert. The look belies a tractable temperament, though the cat may be initially reserved with strangers.

Males can be proportionately larger than females, and have male characteristics such as jowls. Seasonal variations of the coat should be recognized. This cat should be a cat with a wild look, not a wild temperament.

Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is a naturally occuring breed that has existed in Japan for at least a thousand years. It is distinguished by its naturally short tail, which can resemble a rabbit's tail. No two tails are ever alike. However, the tail should not be handled roughly and no attempt should be made to "straighten" it. The kinks and curves are a natural part of the tail.

The most commonly seen Japanese Bobtail pattern is the tri-color, or mi-ke (white with red and black) good-luck pattern, but other colors and patterns are also accepted.

The Japanese Bobtail were first imported to the United States in 1968, and was accepted for championship status in CFA in 1976 in the shorthaired type only. Longhaired Bobtails gained the same recognition in CFA seventeen years later.

This breed is recognized in both shorthaired and semi-longhaired varieties. Their coats are silky and need minimal grooming.

The Japanese Bobtail is an outgoing, friendly, active cat. They are intelligent and talkative, even entering into entire conversations with "their" people. Although they like to talk, they are not noisy and do not have loud voices, though they may make an amazing range of sounds.

Japanese Bobtail American Bobtail Bobtail Bobtail Bobtail Bobtail Bobtail Bobtail Bobtail

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