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Temporary Event Signs May Be The Answer To Your Advertising Needs

Why use temporary signs?

Whether you want to advertise a yard sale or place a sign in front of your new business, temporary signs provide both the function and flexibility that you are looking for Printmoz window decals might be the way to go. Temporary signs are self-contained, which means there is no need to put unsightly holes into the ground, they are quick to install, and just as quick to remove.

It is important to consider the price point when it comes to signs. Temporary signs can easily fit into any budget. They are low cost to manufacture and can be created from sustainable materials. Their low cost makes it possible to order in bulk, which makes it easier on the pocketbook while giving you a chance to reach more potential customers. Sign removal leaves no mess and they can be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.

How do you use temporary signs?

Temporary signs can be used in a lot of ways. Do you have a special promotion that you want to advertise? Use a temporary sign . Need to advertise a bake sale? Use a temporary sign. Businesses, industries, schools, and other nonprofits can benefit from using temporary signs. Let’s take a closer look at the different temporary signs.

Posters are actually signs

Posters are one of the most commonly used temporary signs. They are low cost and easy to produce in large quantities. They can easily be hung in a variety of locations. Posters can be placed in the halls to promote the spring dance. Posters can be hung on fences to advertise the community car wash. We have all seen posters being held at sporting events and rallies. The one downside to posters is that they are usually not waterproof and may have trouble holding up in the wind. However, if you are looking for an easy, low-cost way to advertise your event, posters are the way to go.

Window clings

Most of us have used window clings at one time or another to make our windows more festive. However, they have other purposes. Clear window clings are perfect for posting store hours, seasonal sales, and events. They are a no-fuss way to advertise. They are simple to apply to any window. First, clean the window. Next, peel off the backing and put it into place. If you happen to get a bubble, simply poke a pin into it to release the air. This is a quick and easy way to keep your advertising fresh and relative to what is happening within your business.

Watch your step

Floor decals are a fun way to grab someone’s attention. Whether you need a watch your step sign or you want arrows to lead people to a certain sale table, temporary floor decals are a perfect addition to any marketing plan. Though floor decals are considered temporary meaning they are easy to remove, depending on the foot traffic, they can last for years. Floor decals can be placed on a variety of surfaces that include brick, tile, cement, and carpet.

A step up from poster board

If you are looking to create a fast and easy sign, but want something that will not fold as easy as poster board, foam board or foam core is the way to go. Foam board is easy to hang by simply applying some heavy-duty tape on the back or use hooks. Foam board has a wide range of uses that include meeting presentations, directions, menus, and the list goes on. Foam board is biodegradable making it easy to dispose of after your event, but it can last for years if properly taken care of. Just like with the poster board, it is not advised to hang foam board in places where it can get wet or blown by the wind.

Durable banners

Banners are one of the most durable temporary signs available. They come in an array of materials including fabric, vinyl, and mesh. Banners made from vinyl tend to be a little heavier and are perfect for outside use. Banners are perfect for grabbing someone’s attention. Whether you are promoting a seasonal special, advertising a new product, or are looking to hire banners can easily meet your needs. Banners are great for graduations, birthdays, baby showers, weddings, grand openings, and much more. The benefit to banners is they can be taken down and put away until the next time they are needed. Another benefit is that they are easy to hang.


We have all seen A-frames used outside of cafes and other stores advertising their specials or sales. They are perfect for attention-getting as people walk by. The benefit of using A-frames is flexibility. If your sandwich special on Monday is different than your sandwich special on Friday, it is easy to slip out the graphics and slide a new one in. The fact that it is easy to fold up and move, you can create your display anywhere.

Last but not least We have all seen yard signs. Whether they are being used to advertise a yard sale or support a candidate during an election, yard signs made great temporary signs. Yard signs can tolerate the weather, they are easy to buy in bulk, and are reusable. They are inexpensive and easy to set up and take down.